My Fair Aggie.

Curtain Call '79, with apologies to Pygmalion. Aggie of course stands for Agriculture.
Notice that the Script Writer reads as Cast & Crew. This was the beginning...
The prim and proper Eliza Justalittle had to be educated in the ways of the Aggie, with a little help of course.
This was the year that Curtain Call came out of the Red and began to click. The cast became an ensemble. Relationships were forged and continued for many years.
Back Row, L-R: Deb, Ron, Beth, Joyce, ME, Cheryl, Sandy, Quentin, Anne-Francis, Fred, Laura, Tom, Karen. Kneeling: John, Glen, Eva, Blair Cathryn, Paul.

Director Janet Hutchinson and myself. Doesn't she look thrilled. (We actually disliked each other. Can you tell?)
Deb Taylor, the Aphrodite of the makeup world.
Donna (Manore) Smith, choreographer extraordinaire. I saw her as recently as last summer, Hubby and two cute teenagers now!
Tom Kobolak (Mr. Justin Little) moved to Ottawa and became a customs officer. I saw him last about a decade ago.
Deb (Eliza) married Doug (stagehand but previously was Curly in Uglahoma) and Beth (Rosie) who went on to bat for the other team.

The next two pictures warrant their own posts...

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