The Grand Sumo Battle!

I met up with former (and shortlived) paramour, Hiroko today and after a delightful lunch, we went to see a 相撲 (Sumo) Tournament. I've always wanted to see such a spectacle and surprisingly there was one going on at Mediatheque. Today was こどもの日 (Kodomo no Hi or Children's Day) so there was an unsurprisingly large amount of children at the Tournament. I will now show you some of the highlights of the event:

As you may have guessed, the proceedings weren't quite what you might have imagined Sumo to be. There's this cool little game that children play where you tap on a cardboard box and two little figures bounce around until one of them should fall and lose the altercation. Today, this was done on a much larger scale with life-size cardboard cutouts and about 30 kids banging on a much larger 土俵 (Dohyo or wrestling ring).
Here are several of the combatants:

Here we have a bout between Donkey Kong and a typical Warrior. I believe DK won that one.

Next up we had Doraemon battle a giant Frog. The Frog won and mayhem ensued when everyone tossed their seat cushions in surprise and admiration for the UnderFrog's win.

The winner was presented with a Giant Trophy and drove away in a cardboard car!

You can make your own little Sumo wrestlers if you follow these simple steps.

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