Circus Of Silly.

My French is a bit rusty, but I think that's what "Cirque du Soleil*" means. Y'know I don't ever recall going to a circus when I was young. Sure, we had travelling amusement parks at the Fairgrounds and maybe there was a juggling clown or something, but a full-on circus, uhn-uh. My only experience is via the stories of Ray Bradbury or the comic villains led by The Ringmaster (I had such a crush on Princess Python!)

So I am reaching out to my pals in the Blogosphere who have seen acrobatic antics of this Canadian troupe and is it worth my while to drop a few C-notes for a pair of tix? I am rather impecunious at the nonce, but if deemed worthy, I shall splurge on Corteo!

*I'm pretty sure it means, "Circus of the Sun!" No idea what Corteo means though!


The Frog Queen said...

Husband and I love their shows. Definately worth the money....amzaing on many levels.


Michael Jones said...

Thanks for the thumbs up! Any recommendation from the FQ is worth checking out.


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