Fountain Of Youth!

I attended the 2nd Annual St. Baldrick's Day event at Shaft last night, bit the bullet and underwent chin-follicle removement surgery. The place was hopping with Jeggae (my term for Japanese-Reggae), Yank-folk, & Ollie-Irelanding up the joint. Lots of booze was imbibed and everyone had a wonderful time. I personally raked in about 3000 yen for the cause but I'm certain a couple of thousand bucks were amassed in the quest to cure kids' cancer. Click Here to donate!
(gan-batte...gan is cancer; ganbatte is the term for "Do your best!")

Here are some photos of the gig with some brave souls getting sheared for charity, including yours truly.

Full Disclosure...the above had nothing to do with St. Baldricks!

As you can see, I am much more youthful looking and to celebrate my newfound rejuvenation, I popped over to Liga where I was found to be in great voice! I created a song for each of the ladies in the bar (and a few guys), much to the delight of the patrons. These two were Maiko (Beatles: "Michelle") & I can't recall her first name, but the other's surname was Sakurai which got her a rendition of Chicago's "Sakurai in the Park." A guy name Yousuke got Beatles' "Hello, Goodbye ... Yousuke Hello & I say Goodbye!" Mai is one of the easiest to create a song for, this time it was The Knack's "Mai Sharona." There were a few more, but my proudest this time out was for Sayaka who got Talking Heads ... "Sayaka Killer!"

We also promoted DJ Mixture's upcoming event Truffle Shuffle rather heavily, he was very appreciative!


The Frog Queen said...

Wow, looks like a lot of fun.....nice shave :)

Your posts are always so interesting....I find myself smiling through them :)


Michael Jones said...

If I make one person smile, I'm doing my job right.


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