Palms Up!

Happy Palm Sunday everyone! To celebrate the pre-Easter weekend, let's take a look at some recent KitKats. This one is a fairly lame one, it's flavour is plain ol' chocolate but, its caloric intake is an astoundingly low 97 kcals. (BTW, to go along with the theme of the post, Nestle uses Palm Oil in several of their chocolate bars.)

Much yummier and consequently more fattening is Banana flavoured which spikes the caloric count at 243 though it is one of the more delicious ones I've sampled over the past few months.

One KK that I don't think I'd relish is this one. If you click on the Orangu-tan's finger, it'll take you to a page all about KitKat's tendency to tear down Indonesian rain forests and plant palm oil trees used in their chocolatey-fingered confection which thus eliminate the orangu-tan's habitat.

To personally protest this atrocity, I am hereby eliminating Rolo, Butterfinger and Coffee Crisp from my diet. Okay, so I don't ever eat any of those bars anyway, but a guy can't give up KitKat posts after over 75 of them, can I?

Although if we kill off the Orangu-tans, we won't ever see about the only highlight of the Planet of the Apes remake, Limbo!

Hmmm, pretty awesome, I may have to rethink my position on this...

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