Yatterman's New Job.

Last year, Kitaro & the gang of GeGeGe fame, got part-time jobs working at MacDonalds. Now it appears as though the Yatterman gang has been hired there, though they may just be working undercover on an assignment to thwart their nemeses. (You can buy your own set here!)

First up is ガンちゃん (Gan-chan) who appears to work in a managerial capacity and can be seen serving a soda. "Yatterman ga Yuka-Giri. Makuni akua Baka-nai" (I think!)

His girlfriend, アイちゃん (Ai-chan) serves up a burger and utters a welcoming, "Minna Mattere, Megata Happi-slide!" or something like that.

ヤッターワン (Yatta-Wan), their robotic battle-dog, let's out a cry of "ラオオオアー/Ra-ooo-ah" as he slides across the floor.

Here they are in animated action:

ヤッターペリカン, their airborne robotic Yatter-Pelican, glides across the room nicely, but doesn't say anything. It is pretty darned awesome though as this YouTube attests:

Since I can't find おだてブタ (Flattered Pig) on the wiki page, I don't have much info on it. On the packaging, it proclaims, "Even the pig climbs the tree if flattered." One industrious collector has made a YouTube display. This pig is not averse to climbing the Mac-pole which also lights up!

"ポチッとな = Now, come on!" according to the package and my YouTube consultant (whom I haven't really consulted) provides the following utterances: "マクドナルドのハッピーセットでもらえる、ヤッターマンのアイテ ムの一つ、「ポチッとなボタン」です。動画部分が荒いのは携帯電 話の動画機能を使っているためです。ご容赦ください。 The messages when I pushed the button are as follows. 1:Here we go 2:Kill them all!(Or Defeat it) 3:Pochitto." See for yourself:

As seen below, the bomb utters something and spits out a pog-sized disc.

The only villainess ドロンジョ (Doronjo) shows up in a teleporting device opposite Ai-chan. Here she shows up as the hot actress, 深田 恭子 (Fukada Kyouko) from the live movie.

Or animeted...

The live version of the Yatterman movie has been released on DVD, keep an eye out for it!

Or go for the anime from 2008:

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