Good Morning, Dollface!

That sounds like a greeting Bogey as Marlowe may spout to his secretary, but I have another meaning in mind. March 3rd is Japan's Girl's Festival, 雛祭り (Hina Matsuri or the Doll's Festival.) My first post on the subject is a rather comprehensive take on the Hina Matsuri, the following year I investigated one of my favourite J-pop i-dolls, Pink Lady and later took a peek at Akari's dolls. Last year at this time, I spoke of my dolls. I still have a long way to go to complete a full set.

This year since we just finished an Olympics where absolutely everyone got along and there were no problems whatsoever (what Olympics extravaganza was I watching!?), I'd like to introduce an international gathering of the 101-year old Rose O'Neill's Kewpies as they all greet us with "Good Morning" in their native language as translated into Japanese and then re-translated into phonetic English by me.

First up is 日本...世界のおはよう (Japan's Sekai no Ohayou = World Morning.)

#2. 中国...セオ・シャンハオ (China: Seo Shan-hao)

#3. 韓国...アンニョン・ハセヨ (S. Korea: Annyon Haseyo)

#4. インド...ナマステー (India: Namasute-)

#5. ベトナム...チャオ・バー (Viet Nam: Chao Ba-)

#6. タイ...サワッディー・カー (Thailand: Sewaddi- Ka-)

#7. ホランド...フーテ・モルヘン (Holland: Fu-te Moruhen)

#8. ギリシャ...カリメーラ (Greece: Karime-ra)

#9. ロシア...ドブラヤ・ウートラ (Russia: Doburaya U-tora)

#10. イタリア...ブォンジョルノ(Italy: Bonjyoruno)

#11. フランス...ボンジュール (France: Bonjyu-ru)

#12. ドイツ...グーテン・モルゲン (Germany: Gu-ten Morugen)

#13. スペイン...ブエノス・ディアス (Spain: Buenosu Diasu)

#14. ブラジル...ボン・ジーア (Brazil: Bon Ji-a)

#15. アメリ...カグッドモーニング (America: Guddo Mo-ningu)

#16. エジプトセバー・ヒルヘール (Egypt: Seba- Hiruhe-ru)

In one of the above links, I introduced the horribly addictive ひなまつり by ミニモニ, try and enjoy it.


The Frog Queen said...

Wow, I have never seen pink trees dancing....and I now know that was a good thing. That was a lot of pink for the frog queen! :D

Did I mention I watched it 3 times! :D

Thanks for sharing.


Michael Jones said...

I warned you that it was addictive! Alas, pink is the most prevalent colour in Japan (all those darned cherry blossoms!)


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