Flock You!

After the jubilation of Canada's win today in hockey (thanks Sid), I thought I'd soar to the clouds with our fine feathered friends and showcase some 鳥 (tori=birds). Today's binder comes with some colourful dividers with English titles so you can actually figure out what each one is for. Then as we progress through scenes of bird evolution, feathers, guts, silhouettes, mating rituals & several different species, I'll leave it up to you to figure out what it all means. If you're really curious as to which is which, then when the Latin is presented, look that up in your friendly wiki for the poop. As an alternative, click on the Japan Times' Animal Tracker, Rowan Hooper. (Or learn the Japanese Katakana alphabet so you can see that カワセミ=kawasemi.) Grab your binoculars & a camera (or gun if you're so inclined) and go bird-watching!!

And some more Bird of a different feather...

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