Green At The Gills!

As my friend Aquaman can attest, we quaffed a few at The Happenny Bridge last night in honour of St.Patty's Day. As usual, the Guinness flowed freely and those wearing green were given a discount on imbibables. I didn't have much cash on me, so I wasn't expecting to stay long, but upon arrival, a very sloshed older guy bought me a brew and that was just the beginning. A few pints later (plus a scammed one) gave me a pleasant enough glow to bear the walk home (I spent cab fare on yet another pint.)

What follows are several photos of the festivities and the lassies who lined up to be photographed with me. Near the end of the post it gets a bit grim, for I passed my local shrine and took a few pics of the monument to departed children and the creepy toys that their loved ones have adorned it with to give their kiddies something to play with in the afterlife.
(I had a bit of a headache today and an extreme lack of energy all day, but it was worth it!)

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