Not Very Sporting.

After this long, long winter, I've managed to get more out of shape than anytime in recent history. I haven't had the energy to take my bike in the morning (my lungs are shot! I'm gonna hafta start smoking so I have an excuse) thus I've bussed it daily. If Spring ever arrives, I promise to start a new exercise regime.

I won't be becoming the next Karate Kid in the immediate future, unlike our pal, Atomu. The only black belt I have is one that holds up my pants.

I have never been a big fan of basketball, too many tall guys. I used to play some pickup games back when I ran this Youth Group out of our church, but the only dribbling I do these days is when I sleep on the bus. I would definitely enjoy watching the sport more if Atomu played for the 89ers.

My aforementioned lack of lung capacity, my recently arthritic knees and a complete dislike for aerobics precludes me from doing any dancercizing. Besides, Atomu is looking a little fruity in leggings.

I played a little Ping Pong as a kid, we had a pool table in the basement that we could convert to a table tennis table. Atomu's little sister Uran looks as though she can paddle a mean ball though.

Uran is also a mean volleyball player it seems. I played on a co-ed team back in my University days, and earned the nickname Spike Jones (not true, but it would have been cool!)

Finally, my weak ankles and a refusal to wear a tutu has eliminated me from ever strapping on Figure Skates. Uran could give Mao-chan a run for her medal though!

Thanks to Mitsuya Cider ALL ZERO & Tezuka moderno for providing me with last weeks collectibles!

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