Simple Recipes For Simple Minds.

Today's binder was released a few days ago and it looks appetizing. It includes more dividers than any other binder, plus several シンプル・レシピ (simple recipes) by some very famous chefs. The food must be good because all of the division heads are written in French! I've provided a few recipes and ended with a tribute to the onion.

What gets me though, is that the Dessert section doesn't mention anything about these new KitKats, a succulent White Chocolate Bar & Green Tea Wafers with a dash of Sakurano.


The Frog Queen said...

Yum, food posts...always good! Thanks for sharing, the food, I mean, not the video (LOL)....I really didn't think I needed to see that again, and I was correct! :D


Michael Jones said...

I have one more Food Binder to showcase. Any ideas for the video?


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