Downey By Law!

I just back from seeing シャーロック ホームズ (Sherlock Holmes), and I must say I truly loved it! Downey & Law definitely make the best pairing since Basil & Nigel though with less buffoonery and more fisticuffs! It was purely just a FUN movie! I haven't enjoyed myself in such a long time. I didn't ever need to suspend my disbelief, it made me believe in suspense. (Whatever that means.)

What really sold it for me was the Zimmer score (Oscar...ROBBED! Thanks for nuthin' UP.) It has been yonks since I wanted to run out and buy a soundtrack, but that was exactly my feeling upon exiting the theatre. Here's a taste from the end credits (OH and speaking of end credits, they were magnificent.

Here's a snippet of the movie (in English & Japanese) for your perusal:


The Frog Queen said...

Agreed! Love the movie and the soundtrack was amazing. One of my favorites.


Michael Jones said...

What school did you graduate from Holmes?
Elementary, my dear Watson!
Thanks to either Fractured Fairy Tales or Tennessee Tuxedo for that joke.


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