Horses Of Different Colours.

I'm on a fairly limited budget these days, so I can't run out and buy all these Suntory coffees even though they come with the coolest little toy. 10 different Samurai on 10 different coloured chubby steeds.

The very first two I picked up were identical, old banana-hat himself, Date Masamune on a purple-garbed white stallion.

Since then, I picked up two more identical twins (some dude from Osaka, I think) and then another guy from who knows where. The best part...you can wind them up and they jump around (click at your own peril!)

While you're jumping with joy, why not go shopping for some kimono-inspired clothing designed by Fumie, the wife of my Vancouver buddy, Stefan. From her website, here's the lowdown: Fumie von Dehn is a clothing designer and collector of antique 100% silk kimono. She uses the vintage kimono to make stunning haute couture clothing, scarves, wallhangings and other silk products for women and men. Her kimono and silk fabrics are also available for purchase.

While I'm horsing around, I want you to keep your calendar open for April 2nd where DJ Mixture and some special guests will be Shuffling Truffles around the dance floor at Shaft. I can't wait to root my way there. Here are some details (or just click the pic!)

年4月2日(金)  21:00~ 
dBUKi presents TRUFFLE SHUFFLE @ Club Shaft (Sendai)
ADV¥1500(1D)+Mix CDプレゼント予約の方は下記アドレスにメールしてください。 DOOR¥2000(1D) GUEST DJ/DJ CHRIS SAMBA (SAMBA LA CASA, LONDON UK/ DRAGON-IHK)
DJ ARON T (Defected / dB UKi)

Speaking of expensive mushrooms, I'd like to welcome my newest cyber-follower, COPYBOY. I don't know what he has to do with Truffles, but if you surf around his blog, you may find some other treats.

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Copyboy said...

Hey thanks so much for the shout out!!!

Jesse (copyboy)


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