Laughter Is The Best Medicine.

"笑いは百薬の長" (or "Warai wa hyakuyaku no chou.") It is true and it's not just the joke section for Reader's Digest.

2 minutes before arriving at work today, I phoned in stating that "I'd just woken up and wasn't feeling well and..." then I opened the door to the school to see the receptionist checking the schedule of my day's students. When she saw me the look on her face was priceless as I proclaimed..."April Fools." In true Canadian tradition, the gag took place at a minute before noon, so I was the Fooler and not the Foolee.

I checked and apparently I haven't yet regaled my devoted readership with my all time best prank played by yours truly (in Japan, that is.) Set the Wayback machine to April 1st, 2000 when I was a recently resigned NOVA worker and a soon-to-be-resident of Sendai and teacher at Tokiwagi High School. For my first 6 months in Japan, I lived in Hell House, whose dwellers were about 90% gaijin and about 80% disgruntled NOVA workers. That morning, while awaiting buddy Dion (who was aiding me in carrying luggage from Noborito to Sendai...cheaper to pay for his round trip ticket than to ship my junk), I was inspired by the Shoe Box.

We were all expected to remove our shoes/boots/clogs/whatever and place them in an enormous wooden contraption, arranged by room number for our convenience. I decided to spend 10 minutes and remove one shoe from each cubby hole and replace it with a shoe from another cubby hole and so on and so on until all of the cubby holes consisted of 2 different shoes. I gave Dion his shoes, explained what I'd done and then we got the hell out of Hell House before anyone else woke up.

I am certain that chaos ensued that morning and some people were royally pissed off at the unknown perpetrator, but f**k 'em if they can't take a joke!

I've posted this before, but here is a list of the Top 100 Hoaxes of all time with a Japanese translation!

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