I Hate Stupid Change!

I tried to add the stupid Amazon link to my stupid blog and so far the stupid format has all changed and I can't figure out the stupid changes and nor can I now remove the stupid link. At the moment I can't find the stupid little tab-thingie to upload pics and I must have changed something cuz now the stupid Amazon link doesn't even appear anymore. For example, I wrote a long diatribe and then when I tried to upload a picture, I got a weird bad format message and then the entry disappeared! I hate change and I hate stupidity (especially my own.)

One change that I approve of is the addition of a new Follower. It's Livin The Dream and I haven't yet perused it, but it appears to be somewhat rude. So, you my other faithful followers, may enjoy it as well. (Unlike those with hundreds of Followers, I have just over a dozen so I can give them a shout-out!) So welcome Stylez, I hope I can write something of substance shortly!

REVISION: it appears that now everything is lost! (And yes, I did download the template before I edited but to no avail!) Stupid Blogger!


The Frog Queen said...

Sorry for all the trouble with Amazon! I do love blogger....some days more than others :)


Michael Jones said...

I don't think Amazon is giving me problems now. But when I added it, I somehow changed Blogger formats and having a hard time figuring it out. I want to go back, but it won't let me!
Any advice or know someone whose brain I can pick? (mmm. Brains.)


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