'Ellava Kid!

At 00:15 on 30/06/10, I became an uncle to yet another niece. Not a great-uncle to one of my current niece/nephew progeny but rather an uncle from my younger brother's loins. Apparently the grandmother of this waif is older than me but younger than my eldest bro. That puts Stephen's mother-in-common-law around 51 so I'm guessing the proud mama is about half that age. Since Stephen turns 50 in September, I guess he wanted to sow some oats before that milestone is reached. So welcome to the Jones' clan, Ella! I hope to see you in person someday.

But it's still yet another niece, so it's up to me to carry on the Jones' name with a male heir...any takers?

In other news, the KitH have started up a new series! At least I know that my old High School rival, Scott Thompson won't be rearing any kids in the near future (wait, that doesn't sound quite right.)

For no particular reason, Frankenstein...with CATS!

In honour of Canada's Southern neighbours, Independence Day, here's Frankenstein for President.

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