Incredibly Happi!

Today's installment of Incredible goodness are the ハッピセット (Happi Setto) toys from MacDonalds. I managed to complete the set, but to do so I had to mix & match a 6/8 of the Japanese Happi Setto with 2 of the Canadian Happy Meal (thanks to BigBob for his diligence in indulging in the "food" and grabbing a handful of these goods on the other side of the pond.)  I'm loving it!

As you can see, some duplication has occurred; I think the one in Black is from Canada while the other is from over here. Or it could be the other way around. Anywho without further ado, a Setto for you:

I tried linking to Pi Approximation Day, but was unsuccessful. Manohman I hate this new format!

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