I've mentioned the Star Festival before and today is the traditional day (in all Japan except Sendai) when we celebrate the star-crossed lovers meeting across the Milky Way. As usual, it's rainy in Sendai so we can't see Vega and Altair making whoopee but hopefully it is clear enough in Tokyo for them to witness the blessed event. Check this out for the entire story.

Here is the traditional Tanabata song, sing along...

笹の葉 さらさら Sasa no ha sara sara
軒端に ゆれる Nokiba ni yureru
お星さま きらきら Ohoshi-sama kira kira
金 銀 砂子Kin gin sunago

Sendai holds its Tanabata festival next month (8/8) so I hope to report it again.

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The Frog Queen said...

Did not know that story, very interesting....always learn all kinds of new things on your blog. Thanks for sharing.



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