I had a few extra points on my Yodabashi account, so I thought I'd leaf through their toy section to see what Toy Story 3 Goodies they had. Some cool big toys but I didn't have enough to get anything expensive. So what did I find? I picked up what I thought might be some trading cards, but it turns out to be a metal card with a cardboard background. Meh. But I did get my favourite, quoting, "I'm a Nervous Rex."

I saw a box of Be@rbricks courtesy of MedicomToy and I espied on the box that there was an Ironman 2! Hmmm, there is also a Gremlin, a new TS3 pink Bear and what's that? Captain Action!! So I grabbed a box at random, hoping I don't get one of the uber-lame ones.

Who did I get? I got the rarest of all, at randomness rate of 2%...Dr. Eville from the Captain Action series. I won't be getting anymore; I can't take the chance on getting a lame one and diminishing my glory.

I also got a pack of GeGeGe cards and some Yatterman pogs!

Predators is released tomorrow as well as TS3, so I may check it out if I can see it cheaply. If Aki Hoshino is slaughtered in the movie, it is definitely worth checking out! (Click Aki's name and scroll down to see her very own Kubrick!)

Warning, if you are at all offended by a Japanese idoru jumping around in a furry costume, please don't watch the following...

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