RIP: ハービー・ピーカー

氏死去 米漫画原作者


You can always surf elsewhere for an obit in English, suffice to say that a truly great and original man passed away, Harvey Pekar. I first came acquainted with his work via his wacky appearances on David Letterman,

To be honest, I haven't read all that much of his stuff, I'm mainly acquainted with it via American Splendor and his collaborative work with Robert Crumb.

Anywho, a very strange cranky man who will be missed. I plan to be extra cranky to make up for the void.

In other news, I saw Predators today and I was duly unimpressed. You have to put your cerebral cortex on hold and just enjoy the visceral pleasure of viscera. Only complaint...it needs more Danny Trejo!!
Iwas looking real closely amongst the trophy corpses hoping to see an Alien and much to my surprise, you will see this image! Awesome!

ps. I'm lying about Wall・E, I just wanted an excuse to make another Pixar reference.

Hey, I just read that George Steinbrenner has passed on as well. It's a heart-breaker!

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