Rats & Other Pesky Rodents.

Back in my high school Chess Club days, whenever something went awry, one was wont to utter, "Rats!" and that was shortly followed up with "...and other pesky rodents" by a fellow chessophile. I can't recall why, that's just the way we rolled in the Chess club. There's a reason were the #1 team in Canada for two years running, "Don't Mess with CPSS Chess!"

Today's Pixar pic is from レミRatatouilleーのおいしいレストラン (Remi's delicious restaurant) which others may recognize as Ratatouille (which according to the spell-check, I got correct the first time!) A handful of drinking buddies went out on the piss one night with the intention of seeing a violent shoot-em-up thriller but whatever we had planned to see was ill-timed so we opted for the rodent-fest instead. I probably enjoyed it more than my posse, but we all exited satisfied.

I've been going on lately about Japan's dubbing of all recent animated features into Japanese and not offering a show in English. This is a fairly recent phenomenon, for I recall seeing Mr. Incredible in English in Sendai. On the other hand, if the dubbing is as good as the job done in this trailer, then my fears are assuaged and I'll stop harping on the subject.

Speaking of Rats, John Ratzenberger has had a voice part in all of Pixar's feature films made to date. His roles include:
* Hamm the Piggy Bank in Toy Story (1995), Toy Story 2 (1999) and Toy Story 3 (2010)
* P.T. Flea, the Circus Ring Leader in A Bug's Life (1998)
* The Abominable Snowman in Monsters, Inc. (2001)
* The school of Moonfish in Finding Nemo (2003)
* The Underminer in The Incredibles (2004)
* Mack the truck in Cars (2006) and Cars 2 (2011)
* Mustafa the Waiter in Ratatouille (2007)
* John in WALL-E (2008)
* Tom the construction worker in Up (2009)

I wonder if they use the same Japanese guy to do all his roles?

Surprisingly, I only have one item from the movie, a little phone strap that I picked up for a buck or two a while back. Cute, ain't it, for a flea ridden chef, that is?

If you dig into my profile, you'll see that I've added a ton of blogs that I follow. I also need to start raking in the cash, so I've added a little Amazon dohickey that is bound to get me rich beyond my wildest dreams! So anytime you buy anything through that link, you'll be helping a poor blogger pay for all his obsessions! (I'm still working out the linkages, so be patient.)

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