Population Expulsion.

So we lost Harvey Pekar, but that has been more than made up for by the arrival of pal Alex's new son whose wife began labour at 2:00am today. Both mother and preemie are hale and hearty but because he decided to come out before his due date, the wee lad is, as yet, unnamed. I took it upon myself to dub him, "Stormcrusher The Brave" and Mokugohan approves! (I can't wait for the sibling rivalry to begin! Kaede's jealousy is forthcoming...)

Thanks to my close personal Facebook friend, PeeWee Herman, (me and 172,251 others) I learned that yesterday was Embrace Your Inner Geekiness Day. Since my outer geekiness outshines my inner geek every other day, I now feel whole! (Though personally, I prefer to Attack my inner Otaku.)

Today's Pixar Pics are courtesy of one of the few Pixallated Flicks that I haven't seen, yet another case of dubbedness trumping subtitles. I'm pretty sure you can figure out which movie I'm referring to. 3 of the vehicles were UFO catches, the blurry one in plastic is the only one from its Happi Setto and the bookends were a present from someone whose name escapes me.

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