Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting!

Bruce Lee lasted quite a long time in the fickle field known as Acting. How did he keep in shape, you might ask? Thanks to consuming several different Protein drinks, he managed to maintain his washboard abs. What surprised me is that his daily regime also included lots of exercise by utilising Suntory Protein Water as a prop. Yummy!

Much to my surprise, this wasn't the first Energy drink from Japan that Bruce indulged in. This one goes back as far as 1996!

A final thought, I thought this was really well done...until I viewed the ending. LAME!

ps. Check out the Label below, "Blue III" to see a different side to Bruce Lee. I have seen them live several times (sound it out...Blue Three = Bruce Lee!) This is a really bad quality video of them that I took with my cell phone:

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