Bean There, Done That.

This guy, あずきあらい (Azuki-Arai = bean washer),  likes to hang out under a bridge  over a quiet stream and mimics the sound of beans beaning washed ショキ-ショキ(shoki shoki.) When people come to investigate the sound, they fall in the water and drown! HaHa! According to the Obakemone Project (OP), he is less ominous and just a tad mischievous. While the perpetrator is seldom seen, he is often described as a short-statured man of grotesque appearance with a large balding head, crooked teeth, thin moustache, large bulging yellow eyes, wearing ragged clothes and bent over a pail washing azuki beans.
This fiery-fork-tailed feline fondly fillets fellows while felating a flame. 五徳猫 (Gotoku-Neko, a Gotoku is a kettle that hangs over a fier on a tripod but it also refers to a Cat with five virtues) According to that last link, this Ghost-Cat is is a kind of Nekomata that relaxes by the fireplace and keeps the fire going when no one is around and is more of a trickster than killer.
Here is a 化け猫 (Bake-Neko) story for you:

You can make your own Bake-Neko here, if you can't read the kanji, just click around and you'll figure it out.

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