Seeds Of Chucky!
CtH: Day 5.
I going to have a hard time topping yesterday's post. I'm still giggling at the Fart song!

I found some pumpkin seeds at the best foreign foods store in the city (Jupiter, ground floor of the Station), yummy enough but a little pricey. Chucky likes them though.

Not so sure about his lady-friend though...

These adorable little creatures are called かぶそ (Kabuso) are from Ishikawa-Ken, are about the size of kittens, have pointed teeth and bushy tails and though they've been featured in some GeGeGe episodes, I can find very little about them. They appear to be playful little spirits and maybe they'd enjoy some pumpkin seeds.
Speaking of pumpkins, I found some Pumpkin Pocky today and surprisingly there is NO Halloweeny packaging, unless you count a cutesy witch(?) turning a Panda from monochrome to orange & yellow while chanting ポキ ポキ ポッキ! (Pocky Pocky Pooky!)

A more beautiful woman would have to be the 雪女 (Yuki-Onna=The Snow Woman) who is probably my favourite Yokai but I spoke of her at length last year.

One lass,  (Nure-Onna, literally "Wet-Woman") who hails from Echigo in Niigata-Ken (or her sis in Fukushima), is somewhat less than lovely though she does manage to occasionally lure sailors to their deaths. She can be a 300-metre female snake-like monster who appears on the shore during unusual weather.
Watch this guy fight her (but you may want to turn the sound down):

According to Wiki, "A Nure-Onna's intention are unknown. In some stories, she is a monstrous being who is powerful enough to crush trees with her tail and feeds on humans. She carries with her a small, child-like bundle, which she uses to attract potential victims. If a well-intentioned person offers to hold the baby for her, the Nure-Onna will let them. If they attempt to discard the bundle, however, it is revealed that it is not a child at all. Instead, the bundle becomes incredibly heavy and prevents the victim from fleeing. She then uses her long, snake-like tongue to suck all the blood from her victim’s body. In other stories, a Nure-Onna is simply seeking solitude as she washes her hair and reacts violently to those who bother her."
Pass the shampoo, please!

If you're looking for Witchy-women though, go to this unembeddable link!

These days, I doubt if I could land a date with any of the above...except maybe the furries.

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