Make No Bones About It.

This week has been part I of my 2-week Halloween lesson at the Cram school (all month at the JHS) and we wrote our names using a Zombie alphabet (we used up a lot of "k"s and "a"s, every kid seems to have one or two of these in their names.)
Then we went over body parts by colouring in the bones of a skeleton and encircling the body part name with the same coloured pencil. (I was rather proud to see one 10-year old flinch with a chill up her spine.)

Afterwards, we reviewed what we'd learned using my luminescent skeleton and since it gets dark here really early, it can get quite creepy.

I went to a fairly posh Italian restaurant with birthday-boy, Alex and another friend and since I didn't have a companion, I broke out Gaikotsu-Gayle (骸骨=gaikotsu=skeleton) and propped her up in an adjoining chair. She barely touched her meal and I had to force-feed her some pizza. The waitress was quite amused.

どくろの怪  (Dokuro no Kai) means Mystery Skull. In the town of Fukuhara in Hyougo-Ken, one can encounter this enormous skull surrounded by innumerable smaller ones.

I'm going to keep an eye out for this book, which means Bloody Skull Mother!


The Frog Queen said...

Very cool! Looks like you had some fun there! :)

Love the mystery skull....off to find out more about it.

Thanks for sharing.


Michael Jones said...

If I had found out more about the Mystery Skull, I would have linked to it. I googled it in both English & Japanese with minimal success. Dokuru does share a name with an Ultraman villain, so he's easy to find.
Good luck...


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