Iwana Manda Hugginkiss!

First of today's 妖怪 (yokai) is 貝ぶき坊 (Kaibu Kibou) who is a Conch-blowing Monk (with a conch as a proboscis)  from the mountains of 岡山県 (Okayama-Ken). I can't find much of anything about him on the net except that he likes to eat frogs.
This cutie is called  かわうそ (Kawauso) which is a mythical otter with magical powers who often disguises himself as a human. It is one of several creatures featured in a bestiary called 画図百鬼夜行 (Gazu Hyakki Yakō) showcasing the Ukiyoe art of 鳥山 石燕 (Toriyama Sekien ).
You oughtta check out this otter who has a robotic doppelgänger.

This guy is called いわな坊主 (Iwana Bouzu), a Char-Buddhist Monk who hails from 美濃・岐阜県 (Mino in Gifu-Prefecture).

Btw, a char is a relative of the salmon or trout, so here is a picture of an old tie of mine sporting a Rainbow Trout!

This video gets good at about the 4:55 moment, if you wanna FF to then.

This babe, 川赤子 (Kawa-Akago) is an infant monster that lurks near rivers and drowns people. Like most toddlers, this guy screams incessantly, wailing "オギャ!オギャ!" ("O-Gya!O-Gya!")

 くらげの火の玉 (Kurage no Hi no Tama) is a jellyfish which floats through the air as a fireball! Cool!
 Because the above are in an aquatic vein, I thought I'd present the coolest sea serpent since Cecilマンダ (Manda) from 海底軍艦 (Kaitei Gunkan or Undersea Warship=Atragon). I happen to own a copy of the dvd with its accompanying magazine and a few photos thereof.

Here is a Manda figure as well for your enjoyment. It'd probably be impossible to make, but wouldn't it make a nifty costume?

Perhaps one of these two characters from the movie would be easier. I don't think I could carry off the Mermaid, but that Frogman suit would be awesome!


Powdered Toast Man said...

The dude in the 2nd to last video looked like charlie brown.

Michael Jones said...

Most of the sailors look like CB but I guess the main one also has the hair.

John Rozum said...

I'm enjoying your countdown, particularly all the yokai.

Michael Jones said...

T'was you who inspired the idea for a month of Yokai. Cheers.


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