Oh My Gods!

疫病神 (Yakubyou-Gami) is a quintet of Gods who go from street to street for 3 days every month and spread epidemics. (Btw, 神 or Kami is the Japanese for "God" but when it has an adjective before it, it changes to "Gami".
Here's a trailer for The Plague Gods:

Oops, that was The Plague Dogs...nevermind.

This mountain deity 山神 (Sanjin) protects the Mountains and punishes those who violate nature. Good for you!
空神 (Sora-Gami or Sky-God) hails from Kishuu in Wakayama-Ken and is a a ritual disciplinary demon in the form of a tengu.
I'm speculating that this tune was used by the Air Force, it's actually quite moving.

田の神 (Ta no Kami) appears to be one of the more benevolent gods for after you pray to him, you should have a good harvest. He's kind of goofy looking, but I wouldn't mention that in your prayers!

ほうき神 (Houki-Gami) is a Broom God! I can't find much information and it appears to help out women who are undergoing a difficult delivery (baby, that is). I do find this picture to be pretty cute!
Let's end with the most famous Japanese God of all:

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