Toppo The World, Ma!

Trick'rTreat'n is tough in a country that puts up it's Christmas decorations in early October and the only Halloween goodies to be found have long been shelved. Fortunately, I grabbed a box of Toppo the other day. It's kind of the opposite of a Pocky such that the chocolate is on the inside and the pretzel on the outside. I like how the box comes as an impromptu Halloween card in case you're too cheap to buy one.

The first of today's Shigeru Mizuki creations is 百目 (Hyaku-Me or 100-Eyed Demon, not to be confused with 100-eyed Greek God, Argus). There are several pictures floating around the net and Hyakume does strike quite the pose.
Another creation of Mizuki was 悪魔くん or Akuma-Kun who had a 100-eyed sidekick. It ran for about a year from 1989年4月15日~1990年3月24日. Watch a bit of this to get a feel for the characters.

akuma-kun ep 1_1/4
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岩見の牛鬼 (Iwami no Ushi Oni) is a Demon Cow from Iwami-City (Shimane-Ken) and tends to prey on women who hang out at the seaside. For more details on Japan's other Ushi-Oni, be sure to go to the Obakemono Project (OP).
あまのじゃく (Amano Jack) who thanks to the aforementioned OP, I learned that his name means Wicked Demon of Heaven (the best I could decypher from the Japanese was that he's a perv.) As per that link, it's been known to slay and then wear the skin of its prey as in the story of 瓜子姫 or Uriko-Hime. This is a rather toned down version of the tale. I'd like to track down this book where Uriko-Hime comes out the winner in Tasty Baby Belly Buttons!

This wacky tune by Kokeshi Dolls is slightly creepy and is called Amano Jack!

I thought I'd show off some of my extensive GeGege gaggle of goods, starting with these little wobbly tops.


Shawn Robare said...

We have a lot of Asian food markets here in Georgia, but they never import anything with the Halloween themed packaging...

Michael Jones said...

More to come...I just picked up some more packages today. I didn't bother with the Pocky because they were the same as last year.


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