Tonight I saw the crapfest known as エクスペンダブルズ/"The Expendables" and I had a wonderful time. It was definitely a 4-beer/1-pee movie (2 smuggled beers, 2 from the Concession Stand; 1 pee in the loo.) Really stupid; really fun!

I think it should have been called the Dirty Half-Dozen, it certainly had a 60's vibe going on. I guess I'm not the only one who noticed it...to whit:

I'd like to think that these Yōkai would have made valuable assets to Sly's team. Apart from an appearance on GeGeGe, ゲドガキのバケモの (GedoGaki no Bakemono), I can't find much info on this particular spook except that he comes from Nagasaki-Ken, picks fights with young men in the dead of night and if triumphant...he eats them. (Perhaps he could be played by Jason Statham.)
化け銀杏の精 (Bake Ichi-You no Sei), the meaning of which I was unable to discern. Some ghostly Water-sprite who shows up when you're starving and rings a bell/gong to announce himself. The picture doesn't do him justice for the text states that he has Yellow hands, feet and face and he seems rather crimson to me. (I give him Jet Li's part.)

油すまし Abura-Sumashi is a fairly benevolent spirit who literally presses oils. It wouldn't be much of a stretch to give tattoo artist, Mickey Rourke its part.

山童 (Yama Waro) - a hairy, one-eyed spirit, sometimes considered a kappa who has gone into the mountains for the winter, certainly bears a striking resemblance to Dolph Lundgren.

I'm too sleepy (and tipsy) to make more comparisons tonight. Perhaps I can round out the rest of the cast tomorrow.

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