Saving Face.

I only had one lesson today and a ton of free time, so I went through my October entries and through Mizuki's tome and it appears that I have fallen short of my goal of showing off his magnificent works. I have shown 83 pics and only have 96 to go! I undertook too great a task for this year, so it means I can save more for next year!

Today, I'll make up for it and feature several facial features featured in this creature creation. (I will have to cut down on the editorializing; I'll link whenever possible but I won't be able to translate much.)
輪入道 (Wanyūdō or Wheel Monk) is an apparition appearing in the form of a flaming wheel with a bald monk's face in the center, which sucks out the soul of anyone who sees it.

釣瓶おとし (Tsurube-Otoshi) is a creature that lurks in the tops of trees and drops down on unsuspecting humans, and has various descriptions - sometimes it is some sort of oni or tengu, sometimes it is a fireball or a disembodied head.
 舞首 (Maikubi) are the quarreling heads of three dead miscreants. For some reason, when I put it in my Google, I got Shakira!

She's got Bette Davis' eye: 一目連 (Ichi-Moku Ren)appears in a shrine's gateway after a rainstorm that causes a flood and is actually Venus or the Morning Star. (Not to be confused with Ren Ichimoku who is a character in the Hell Girl manga/anime.)

In Mizuki's book, 一つ目小僧 (Hitotsu-me Kozo) is a one-eyed novice monk who peddles quail eggs. Other accounts show him as a relatively benign creature, content to run about frightening human beings or telling loud people to be quiet (they enjoy silence). However, many people consider an encounter with a one-eyed goblin to be a bad omen. For this reason, the superstitious often leave bamboo baskets in front of their houses, as these are reputed to repel the creatures. A reason for this may be that, in seeing the basket's many holes, the Hitotsume-kozō will see the basket as having many eyes, and run away jealous and ashamed at only having one.

手の目 (Te no Me) is the ghost of a blind man with his eyes on his hands. He looks a lot like the Faun from Pan's Labrynth, doesn't he?

目目連 (MokuMoku Rei) are spirits that live in torn 障子 (shōji, Japanese paper sliding walls). If the shōji has many holes, eyes can sometimes be seen on it, which, if looked at long enough, can make people blind. The only way to remove the spirit from the wall is to patch up the holes in it.

海座頭 (Umi Zatou) means blind man of the sea, but I couldn't decypher much more than that.

Here's a pretty cool YouTube though:

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