Yummy Yōkai .

Wow, only 8 days until All Hallow's Eve and I have several Yōkai to get through so I'll intersperse several with some delicious treats that I've gathered over the last little while. It has been very Slim Pickens indeed but thank goodness Disney sold out long ago and provided us with a few. Such as these chocolate-filled little cookies sporting a vampiric Mickey.

元興寺 (Gagoze) is a demon who attacked young priests at Gangō-ji temple, I can't determine whether or not he ate their cookies. Here's a charming little story about its origin and here is a manga by that name.
For the ladies, a witchy Minnie and a princess Daisy promote a similar cookie only with a strawberry filling. Minnie looks pretty cute here but imagine if she dressed up as くびれ鬼 (Kubire-Oni or Strangler Demon), now that would be awesome.

The latter picture can be found in this awesome picture book for kids featuring the most horrific creatures imaginable. My personal favourite is the  絡新婦 or Jorougumo/Whore-Spider!
This guy likes to talk about its entymological equivalent.
(Arachnophobes such as Frog Queen beware.)

Speaking of the Frog Queen, she'd enjoy meeting the cute little  センポク・カンポク (Senpoku/Kanpoku), a toadish imp with a human face that shows up at the County Morgue after one's been dead for three weeks. On the fourth week, it accompanies you the graveyard with them.

Being such a wuss about spiders though, she certainly won't like this guy. It's 大ぐも (Oo-Gumo) from Shinano in Nagano-Ken, a giant Spider-Yōkai that feasts on the blood of humans. (To be honest, I'm not so keen on the creature either.)
Here, Goofy is serving some up to a Devilish Donald!
Stitch and Roo have bat wings while Pooh-san dons a pumpkin while promoting these おこさませんべい (Okosama Senbei), a tasteless rice cracker.

I threw a few of these in a bonfire and check out who appeared. It's 煙羅煙羅 (Enra-Enra also known as 煙々羅 or Enenra), a yōkai that is comprised of smoke. It resides in bonfires and, when it emerges, it takes the form of a human woman. It is said that an Enenra can only be seen by the pure of heart so I never saw it. As the YouTube shows, it's also an anime character.

More tomorrow with a few more treats to go along with the tricks.


The Frog Queen said...

Sorry I missed this post orginally. Yikes!! Spiders!! Why did I click on that!? I really did not need to know that Oo-Gumo existed...really I would have been fine never knowing that!!! :D

And I do love the froggy video (ghost frogs! Cool!) ....I am going to post that on my blog if you don't mind :)


Michael Jones said...

This post was made with you in mind...the bad and the good. Always feel free to scam anything you like from my blog.


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