Menacing Kids.

Yesterday it was all about kids being menaced, this time it's the kids doing the menacing. I'll add my very own concocted "Menacing scale."
First up is wee ヤマンボ (Yamanbo) and I can't find any info on him anywhere because he shares a name with a motorcycle sprocket. From what I gather, he chills out in the heart of the mountain and sits under a tree. He may leave a trail of acorns for you to follow. Not very menacing...3/10
天づるし (Tenduroshi) is a nekkid little boy who hangs around the mountains in Yamanashi-Ken. Once again I can't find much more info on him but thanks to his creepy look, I'll upgrade him to a 6/10
そでひき小僧 (Sodehiki Kozou) is an invisible spirit which pulls on your sleeves. Even though he looks a little bit like Calvin, if sleeve-tugging is your supernatural ability, I'd grant you're not at all menacing. 2/10.

This swarm of kiddies, 木の子 (Ki-no-ko) live in the mountains and the boys run around starkers but the girls often wear leaves. About the size of your average 3-year old, the gals work all day making bentou-lunch boxes (sexist) and the boys play pranks and mischief on unsuspecting humans. Because there are a whole lot of them and they have a "Village of the Damned" thing going on, I'd give them a Menacing factor of 8/10.
Since we're talking about menacing little kids, I found a copy of Little Dracula's First Bite by Martin Wassell & Joseph Wright.

I have never seen this cartoon but it was all the rage in the early 90's. If the theme song is anything to go by, I wouldn't like it. Based on the book and the animation though, I'd say I missed out.

Here is the first of a dozen books, since my scanner is still on the fritz, you'll have to suffer through some photos. Better yet, look for his book online.

Finally, have you ever wondered what the Gegege gang would look like as infants? Now's your chance!

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