Around Town.

I spent a few hours gallivanting around downtown and snapped a few pics in the interim. Lots of Christmas trees such as the Docomo Tree with the ubiquitous Ken Watanabe in the background.

A bunch of Santas, Russian doll-style.

Outside S-Pal, there's a tall Christmas tree and within you can place your palm on a screen and get your fortune read. I snapped the hands of a couple of unsuspecting young gals. (The Fortune stated: You will be photographed by a creepy guy!)

Within Jusco, there is a sock monkey tree that has sprouted stuffed animals not monkeys. Also on the 4th floor, one can find a Craft sale but I preferred the Rody horses or the Santa mini-lego clones.

I ended off the evening with a nightcap and Jazz at Vilevans. I gave a bagful of trinkets of which Alex is sure to delight his siblings but I won't show them off until after his relatives receive them. I did though give a disembodied Care Bear head to the proprieter of Vilevans and when I went to take a picture of his display, I see that it has been ceremoniously placed in front of a warbling diva!

I have 2 Santa gigs tomorrow plus work and a year-end party tomorrow, so it's time for this Jimmy Olsen to hit the hay.

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