Happy Mirthday.

I spent Birthmas Eve at an Anglican Church service (the Minister is the father of a former student) whereupon I crooned a few Christmas tunes in Japanese. Last time I had forgotten my glasses which made reading the Japanese most strenuous, whereas this time I had remembered them and am rather proud of my renditions of "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear", "Adestes Fidelis" et al though reading the prayers and such were beyond my capability.

Birthmas Morn was spent opening my vast amount of presents received from Santa (a heater purchased the night before a Japanese Mikan orange) and a 3D poster of Batman 251.

During work, though I'd hinted around for the previous two weeks, I only received 2 gifts (and one guilt-trip prezzie). I got a lovely hat that is too big for my head from my class of 6 elder ladies and some cakes from Fukushima that are these sweets with beans in them that I don't really enjoy but ate tonight (I gave two away as well.)

I did though give out a few presents to my co-workers, Axel got a Daisy, some gals got these long-eared rabbit friends of Gloomy and the rest got Christmas Carol CDs that I'd burned that morning. (That led to the guilt-prezzie of 2 expensive chocos from my boss.)

After work, I hooked up with my gal-pal Hitomi who was also alone on Christmas night and we had a blast.

We went to dinner at Capricciosa and had a set of salad, pasta & pizza. One of the waitresses was a former student and upon entry, I mentioned it was my Birthmas and at the end of the meal, we were treated to a Strawberry cake!

I gave her a HTF Bag, some socks and a Willy Wonka Chocolate Bar (it wasn't a winner.)

She gave me a humidifier, a Bobble-Head Batman, a Spiderman book cover and a Thor Pez! BH-Batman enjoyed the meal and when he got home, he met up with his arch-nemesis, Bobble-Head Colonel Sanders! (I'm going to have to do a bit better on her birthday!)

Finally we watched Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and it was surprisingly good. You have to switch off the grey matter once or twice but then it's non-stop action. Well, not quite non-stop. Just at the most climactic moment (Spoiler alert: Tom is about to press a button and save the world), the movie screen goes blank and a little usher comes in and apologizes because the Subtitles had stopped working. It took a few minutes to repair but that gave us the opportunity for a much-needed pee break and we got to see a 10-minute segment over again where Tom gets pummelled by the bad guy.

Good movie and even better...Doraemon Popcorn Brains!

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