Santa Baby!

This is one of my favourite tunes, I only wish when I'm decked out in my Santa gear that someone would sing it to me.

I'd settle for one of these...

I hate the tune, but it has a lot of Boopy images:

Here Betty Boop shows off her linguistic ability with a language all her own:

Who knew that her Japanese would be so good? It's nice to see a pre-WWII cartoon where the Japanese aren't portrayed as devilish war mongers. It is easy to see how Osamu Tezuka got his inspiration for all his works from Betty though! The distinctive "large eyes" style of Japanese animation was invented by Tezuka, drawing inspirations on cartoons of the time such as Betty Boop and Walt Disney's Bambi and Mickey Mouse.

This guy is quite the wanker:

Though the above post wasn't up to Creepmas standards, I would say that this website is pretty creepy!

Okay, this is pretty spooky:

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