Hark The Herald.

While searching for a News item for my Advanced News class, I espied this entry in Yahoo Canada. After last weeks odd debacle when one student defended the allocation of Disaster funds to finance Whaling, I decided to go with something a little more light-hearted. So what is more Christmassy than a Snow Angel? Or a Butterfly? Or a Mustache? Call it what you wish and chalk it up to Pareidolia but it sure is purty!

Well, my students got a kick out of it and you can always wander over to Bad Astronomy to learn a few more details about it if you wish.

I got so hung up on posting pics of Santa with kiddies & ladies yesterday, I neglected to include him in all his glory.

I would've posted something more substantial but I started watching Jeeves & Wooster starring the Doctors Wyatt & House.

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