SantaClaustrophobia & SantaClaustrofilia.

If there's one thing that the image of Santa Claus does well, it's terrifying children. This morning Kris Kringle paid a visit to another Yochen/Day Care Centre and several of the wee waifs began bawling their little heads off upon espying Father Christmas. Most of them stifled their sobs long enough to snag their present, but some of them were unable to face the bearded guy in red at all.

The other thing Sinterklaas does well is to make the ladies happy. Women (and some men too) love to pose with St. Nick. For example...

When Santa's occasional alter ego sports his HoHoHo suspenders and tie, he gets to be a poser as well.

It was a long day so I retired from the festivities early but not before popping in to Ernies to finalize some details for next Friday's Xmas party. Expect St. Nicholas to make an appearance sometime after midnight on the 23rd whereupon he shall once again make a few ladies a little jollier!

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