You'd Better Not Pout!

Anyone else been somewhat busy this last week? (Rhetorical question alert.) I know I have. I'll start off with a diorama of origami that's is sitting on the sink in the Men's Room at Sendai Station. I am rather surprised that no one has swiped it. I know I was sorely tempted.

I'm a little behind on my postings so I missed talking about 天皇誕生日 (tenno tanjobi or the Emperor's Birthday) and Festivus on December 23rd. From now on though that day will be known as Happy Coelacanth Discovery Day! It even has a theme song!!

Alternatively, here's Turner Movie Classics tribute to those who are no longer with us. (An aside to BigBob, how many do you think DJ knew?)

On the Evening of the 23rd I was asked to once again play Kris Kringle only this time it was at Ernie's Bar. My plan was to go to a Lindy Hop dance and then swing over to Ern's about midnight. Unfortunately the bus I was on took an alternate route and once I noticed, the driver wouldn't let me disembark until I was halfway across town. So Plan B was to check out some lights at Nishi Koen and then kill time at Liga. I saw some of these last year but they're worth repeating.

This one is rather creepy. A witch standing outside her gingerbread house awaiting victims while two cupids hover over it keeping watch!?!

I finally made it to Liga and had a few gins, sang a few carols, gave presents to the gang there and changed to go to Ernie's. A bartendress from there is moving on to greener pastures and I got to sign her farewell card. Cool stuff:

As usual, Santa was rather popular with the gals at Ern's.

After each of the ladies received a present from St. Nick, a few of us head over to Shaft only to discover that it was closed. So as not to make it a complete waste of time. Santa posed with the gals at Bunny's Bar and then at BBs.

Before heading home to feed the reindeer, Santa made another brief stopover at Liga and sang "Santa Claus is Coming to Town."

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