Furuta My Loins.

One thing that Japan does magnificently is make Kinderesque choco-eggs with awesome presents inside. Over the last while, I've acquired a few Disney eggs and the most recent series hasn't disappointed. Furuta makes great toys with yummy chocolate (which I usually give away to co-workers) though they aren't very good at spelling the word, Musium (click that for a tour of toys since 1999.)

From a previous series, I acquired Nemo's shark friend, Bruce.

Last weekend, the latest series was released and though I didn't acquire the secret one (damn...I gots ta know!), I got the best of the bunch and thus can stop buying anymore (unless they're on sale.) Apart from Beast, Tigger & Pluto, the awesomest one has to be Sleeping Beauty's マレフィセント Maleficent (blurry photo not withstanding.)

In other non-egg news but from a Capsule nontheless are these from the wonderful Epic-Mickey Motion Collection. I would have gotten all five but they're a little steep at 300 yen a pop. Fortunately, my Gatcha-dealer allowed me to pick & choose so I grabbed Oswald and a random Mickey. I see that they come in colour or B&W and I'm rather pleased with my selection. The greatest annoyance is that the little blue rabbit doesn't affix to the inkblot and I'm sure it'll go missing in the next big quake. I didn't even know it was a Wii game, I just thought it looked cool.

I finally got a chance to witness the revamped, refurbished, renovated Disney Store and I must say, "I'm unimpressed."

What did impress me is this Penguin/Pig combo done entirely with Pet Bottle Caps!

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