Peekaboo Pikachu!

A new ポケモンセンター Pokemon Centre has opened in Sendai and I pokemoned poked my head in there tonight after work.

There was a Sandwich-Board type guy (do those still exist?) urging people to go to the fifth floor of AER but they really should have given the guy a watch for all the action there was over and they were closing up shop. They gave me a postcard upon which one could write a Pokemon message but there were no other freebies to snag.

So I snapped a few photos and then head to the third floor where the actual store is located.

It was extremely crowded with families and people who stuffed their baskets with over-priced Pokemon/Pikachu goods, most of which I have seen elsewhere cheaper (not that I shop for that stuff natch) but everyone seemed content.

Warning: extremely lame song alert!

I didn't buy anything but I did get a free hat!

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