I just finished watching グレムリン Gremlins and thought I'd give you a sample.

Oops. Wrong Gremlins.
I picked up the DVD recently and I finally got around to watching it. This is my favourite scene!

I also have a copy of the Movie Pamphlet and within are several photographs, behind-the-scenes shots and storyboards.

The best photos are these sketches of Gizmo and Stripe the Gremlin and the centerfold is a pop-up of the box containing Gizmo.

I'm a little disappointed that my Gizmo doesn't sing.

Of course, I happen to have a couple of physical manifestations of Gremlins, including a Gizmo in a box wearing a Santa hat and Stripe on a tricycle. (I mean, who doesn't have these?)

There's no better way to end this episode of Creepmas than showing some of Ms. Cate's ads in Japan.
Phoebe did work in a bar in the movie so I guess that qualifies her to advertise Asahi Beer:

Just don't feed her after midnight:

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