What a Dragon.

As Christmas continues winding down and New Year's starts creeping up, I unexpectedly received a lovely present today, that of a Handkerchief bearing a タツノオトシゴ pattern. That's the Japanese word for Seahorse, 竜の落とし子 (Tatsu no Otoshigo, Child of Dragon.) Since 2012 will be the Year of the Dragon, this gift is quite apropos.

Hey, that reminds me of an old Mickey Rourke movie. Which trailer for 1985's Year of the Dragon do you like better?

So the hanky was nice, but do you want to know the best thing that I received all season is? I only got two Christmas Cards this year. One from my surrogate family in Tokyo (with the cool dog) and the other was a mostly-handmade one with a self portrait of the artist within. I haven't heard from Michiko in ages and out of the blue I get the most adorable drawing ever! Sigh!

Finally I'll leave you with a gag that I scammed from this very blog from 5 years ago:

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