Krampus My Style.

As I'm certain every other Creepmas Blogger knows, December 5th is a famous day amongst Austria and other Alpine countries for that is the day that St. Nick's companion, Krampus, visits the homes of children and gives warnings or punishments to bad children.

"Krampus is a hairy devil with a long tongue, a tail, and is often in chains and carrying a switch. Krampus accompanies Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas. As Santa disperses justice on good children by rewarding them with gifts, so does Krampus reward the bad people by beating them with his switch of sharp sticks."
--Ephemera ;
by Pamela Apkarian-Russell

I wrote a little about Kramden Krampus two years ago, so I've plundered the writings of another blogger and came up with a bit of クランパス in Japanese.

このモンスターは、クランパス と呼ばれるヨーロッパのクリスマス悪魔です。 (This monster, Krampus, is a European Christmas Demon.) アルプスで、クランパスはクリスマスの前に来て、悪い子供にお仕置きをします。(In the Alps, Krampus comes before Christmas and punishes the naughty children.) 皆さんの家に、クランパスは来ませんでしたか? (Everyone, are you looking forward to having Krampus come visit your house?

Yet another blogger has written even more but there's way too much Japanese for me to translate it so click that link yourself. I think he scammed a lot of his info from the net, as have I.

Looks like a lot of fun!

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