Total Eclipse of the Fart Heart.

After dinner tonight, I finally ventured over to check out the PikaPika Pageant and as lovely as it was, it was totally eclipsed by the total lunar eclipse that we experienced.

I have a few shots of the full moon through the trees at the Illumination.

I also saw a few other full moons, but at different angles.

I could show several other pageant pics but I've done that before. I'd noticed a smudge on the moon that I assumed was a cloud but when I was on my bus ride home, I got an email from Gal-Pal, Hitomi, that I was missing an eclipse!

I got home in time to catch a few shots of it before it completely clouded over and is now indiscernible.
Be sure to click on any of the pictures to Penumbrate them.

All in all, an awesome evening!

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