For Goodness Sake.

Dig this crazy tiger!

He is just one of several paintings by the renowned mid-Edo painter, Ito Jakuchu. Specializing in birds, such as roosters and cranes and flowers such as orchids and cherry blossoms, he had a unique and innovative style. Of course I couldn't take photos inside the display but I managed to snap a few outside of it.

More bug-eyed tigers on a poster, a magnet, a postcard and a chubby chest.

I like the colours on this guy, painted on individual mosaic squares.

Not bug-eyed but eerie looking.

Here are some of the birds starting with a magnificent cock!

If you like his birds and you have 15 minutes to spare, watch this:

Is there a white elephant in the room? Why yes, there is.

This elephant just happens to be part of a piece called "Birds and Animals in the Flower Garden" (鳥獣花木図屏風, Chōjūkaboku-zu byōbu), is arguably one of the most modern-looking pieces to come out of Japan during this period. The piece, one of a pair of sixfold screens, depicts a white elephant and a number of other animals in a garden. What makes it unique, eccentric and modern is the division of the entire piece into a grid of squares roughly a centimeter on each side. Each square was colored individually, in order to create the resulting aggregate image. It is part of the Price Collection of the Shin'enkan Foundation in Los Angeles." (Scammed from the wiki page.)

I picked up a cool clear file of the piece with 46 different birds and animals upon it.

Check out this well narrated documentary of his life entitled, "Ito Jakuchu, A Man with no Age". You'll see the above painting after the 2 minute mark.

I like this elephant and bull, each part of a 6 screen painting.

After the show, I went around the back of the Sendai City Museum, something I'd never done before. It was a little chilly and I didn't have my jacket with me, otherwise I might have made the trek up the hill to the ruins of Sendai Castle.

I wanted a nice photo to use the line, "It wasn't a Great Friday, but it was a pretty Good Friday" and this one fit the bill.

As for the title of today's post, Cherry Blossom Viewing is just around the corner here so I picked up a few bottles of Sake to help enjoy the view.

Check out the Museum and Ito. You have until May 6th to do so.

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