Jack Attack!

I just came back from Jack the Giant Slayer and it was quite a fun little romp. Great dialogue, magnificent CGI motion-captured Giants and terrific acting by some new and recognizable faces. I knew neither Jack nor the Princess Isabel but I did espy two Trainspotting alumni and Willow! Go see it. I saw it in 2D and found no real reason why I should see it in 3D (unlike Oz.)

I recycled this picture from a previous post because it is awesome.

We had some yummy Crayon Shinchan popcorn. Teriyaki and Mayonnaise flavoured, it was really tangy.

I snapped a few other pics of some up and coming pics as well. IF (a big if) it is shown in English, I plan to see this:

 Unfortunately they were roped off so I couldn't get up close and personal with my namesake nor Sully.
It's coming in July which I think is comparable to the overseas release date. I sure hope we get it in English here or I'll have to head to Tokyo next summer.

Jack was only released in English in 1/3 theatres, a few years back there were several simultaneous bilingual releases, now not so much.

A movie that did NOT get released in English is Wreck it Ralph Sugar Rush so I never got to see it. Ah well it's already on DVD stateside so I'll have to make do with these stickers, jelly beans, candies and choco-eggs.

I will certainly go see Ironman 3 and have already picked up some advance tickets. Here I am hanging out with Tony & Pepper.

One movie that I'm fairly sure that I'll avoid is this one, Hentai Kamen, (Ultimate Pervert Mask) it looks pretty creepy!

Nice package!

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