Wizards Of Oz!

I can't wait for オズ はじまりの戦い ("Ozu Hajimari no Tatakai" or "The Beginning of the Wizard of Oz", rough translation from the Japanese) and here is another flyer that the cinema has given out.

I thought I'd offer up some illustrations from different adaptations of the story depicting the Wizard. I'll show the book cover, his introduction and then his unveiling and departure. Enjoy!


Starting off as a very Zeus-like apparition, our 'stache toting Wiz is not very ominous.

This time, the apparition has a mustache, as does our Wiz. Neither are very scary.

Looking awfully similar to the above, our apparition is now bespectacled and our Wiz is looking rather Munchkin-like. Once again, not very frightening.

Now we're talking. This the spookiest of the lot and the Wiz is looking pretty groovy with his ponytail.

Which is your favourite so far?

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