If There's Any Justice...

The eventual Justice League movie will use these figures as their prototype.

I picked up two of the blockheaded figures and, sure enough, I got two of the same. Fortunately one is standard and one is "Metallic Color".

These badges are okay, but not worth dropping 2 bucks a piece to pick up. Unlike these which were totally worth wasting my money on.

I saw the trailer for Superduperman, Man of Steel and it looked pretty good. Short on action, high on angst.

Let's see how it fares in this Superhero summer!


Picky in Sendai said...

Where did you get them?

Michael Jones said...

The boxed Heroes are from Yodabashi. Rather expensive at 580 a piece but they are regularly 630 per.
The badges are cheaper at 200 yen each but they are hard to find. I've only seen them in two Gatcha-capsule machines, one of them at Yodabashi.
Worth seeking out are the cubic characters that can be found by clicking the above link. I have several doubles if you're interested (but no extra Wonder Woman).


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