Fright Night!

Actually last night was Flight night. I saw it last night with my latest pursuit (second date...a new record!) and though the movie was all right, my friend didn't quite understand it. I snickered every time he quaffed a drink and I found it too preachy. Definitely needs more Goodman!! He was robbed of a nomination, Denzel didn't really deserve one. Overall consensus: it's worth seeing, just not paying big bucks to do so. A rental is sufficient.

While there, I got some pictures taken with some old friends.

Tonight is OZ time! I picked this up last night:

 Not sure how to send away for these Magic Cards, it appears to be a random draw. Which......one...never...wins.
Besides, I already have two decks! If I can easily get them, put in an order and I'll see what I can do! Last night, there were NO goods in either the Disney Store nor the Cinema. Hopefully tonight there will be!

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